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M yMathsJourney (MMJ) is an online Maths practice program aimed for primary learners. This is a startup venture started by a Maths teacher who is also a mom of three. She believes that Math is fun and engaging and that students who practice their Maths skills even for a brief period on a regular basis can reach their full potential, and thus advance confidently. Practice makes perfect.

MMJ was simply created to empower students, help teachers, and inform parents.

MMJ is a time saver not only for learners who need to practice regularly for less than 5 minutes, but also for teachers and parents. Teachers monitor the learners’ learning and reinforce concepts whenever it is needed without going into the hassle of correcting multiple worksheets. At the same time, parents track the child’s progression and achievement instantly through email. MMJ has been designed to make everyone’s life easier.






Enrollments to MMJ can be initiated by any school planning to give their students, the cutting edge MMJ Experience











Where and when is Mymathsjourney used?

MMJ is used both at home and at school. At home, the learner can practice the concept on a regular basis for less than 5 minutes to review and to consolidate their learnt Maths skills. Learners can practice anywhere with internet access.

At school, the teacher will monitor each student’s progress through a very short test based on the concept reviewed at home.
The parents will be informed about the child’s progress.

MMJ is not only about helping learners do Homework! It is also about helping students enjoy their learning, HAVE FUN and challenge themselves by earning puzzle pieces and uncovering a hidden vehicle to move up a level and visit a new Land.
MMJ will keep learners busy and involved in their own learning and they will be able to fill up even the tiniest gaps. As children learn, they are sure to gain not only new Maths skills, but more importantly confidence throughout the journey..

Does Mymathsjourney match the curriculum? And does it provide flexibility to the teacher?

MMJ is an online Maths practice program that will be used by the school. It is designed to support and reinforce the learned curriculum. It is customized to meet each grade level and each school curriculum. Students use it to practice mathematical concepts, to improve their mathematical knowledge, and to fill up even the smallest learning gaps.

Is Mymathsjourney accessible to all students? And does it engage learners?

MMJ individualizes the learning experience for students of different abilities. There are different difficulty levels for the teacher to choose from. All students will benefit. Those students who struggle with Maths usually miss out not only on basic Maths skills, but also on the fun and beauty that can be found in the world of Mathematics. MMJ helps teachers open up a rich Mathematical world. It is used as a tool to detect strengths and weaknesses for individuals and class groups throughout the learning journey. All this, while earning puzzle pieces and uncovering the hidden vehicle to move up levels in a fun and engaging way. And of course, at the student’s own pace. In general, MMJ helps students build their own confidence and keep them motivated to learn Maths skills while reaching their full potential.

Does Mymathsjourney provide valuable user guidance and information?

MMJ is a protected and secured website. Each student has a username and password to access the website from home and to navigate easily while choosing from 3 specific time frame options to practice, all from the Home page. Teachers also access the website to assign tests and to find specific information about their students.

Does Mymathsjourney track progression and achievement?

Both teachers and parents can track progression and achievement. They can even identify the tiniest gap or misconception. Therefore, learners learn from basic to advanced.

Is Mymathsjurney distinctive and innovative? And does it enable effective learning?

MMJ was created in a way to make Maths Homework easier for everyone. The students review the learnt concept in less than 5 minutes, the teachers keep track of any difficulties and parents are kept informed. With the presence of a strong positive bond among all three, there will be increased confidence and motivation for effective learning and a more positive attitude about Maths Homework in specific and school in general.

Who will benefit from Mymathsjourney?

 Learners: Each student is different, MMJ individualizes the learning experience for students of different abilities and helps them reach their full potential

 Teachers: MMJ is designed to support and reinforce the learned curriculum. Teachers can customize the sent Homework to meet the grade level and the school curriculum. The tests with different difficulty levels will be corrected directly once the learners sit for the test. Teachers can keep track of all the strengths and weaknesses for individuals and class groups throughout the academic year and hence reinforce concepts whenever it is needed.

 Parents: Parents can track progression and achievement and keep track of their child’s performance on weekly basis throughout the academic year.

How can I sign up my child? Can my child get enrolled even if his school is not in the MMJ Program?

If your school has signed up for Mymathsjourney then you will be contacted by the school directly and you will be given your child’s username and password to log in and start the journey.

Mymathsjourney has been created for all learners with different abilities to benefit.

But in case your child's school is not enrolled into MMJ, you can Contact directly MMJ team and they will guide you through the process of enrolling through individual modules.



What are the steps to getting started?

1. Log in with your student name and password that have been provided by your teacher.

2. Solve your Homework. You have the choice to choose your time frame:
• Just Drill (practice without any time limit)
• Timed Drill (practice using a stopwatch)
• Just in Time (practice with a ticking timer)

3. Practice on a regular basis to make sure that you are ready to sit for the test at school.

4. Log in from school under the teacher’s supervision with the same user name and password. Don’t forget to do your best!

If you score above the requirement you will directly earn a vehicle puzzle piece.

5. Enjoy the Homework and have fun.

How do I collect the puzzle pieces and how will I build my vehicle to move up to a new land?

Every time you pass the test taken in class, you will earn a new puzzle piece. Once your vehicle puzzle is complete you will automatically unlock the new level.

There are multiple levels and many vehicle puzzles for each year group to be discovered.

Don’t forget to do your best and to enjoy practicing your Maths skills to reach your full potential.

How will I be graded?

It’s very simple, at home your Homework will be instantly scored and only you will know the score. The more you practice, the better chances you have to score well on your test at school.

At school, only a high score will grant you a puzzle piece. If you weren’t so lucky, then you get the chance to go home and practice the same concept more.

After each test you take at school, both your teacher and your parents/guardians will be informed about your progress and how well you are moving from one stage to the other.

Remember, earning all the puzzle pieces for the vehicle will help you discover and unlock new lands and more adventures.

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